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Rapper, Composer, Lyricist

The twenty-four-year-old Saske is one of the youngest and most successful representatives of Greek hip-hop, with significant gold and platinum hits such as “Cyan,” “Ξέρω Μάνα” (“I Know, Mom”), “Nana,” “Χόρεψε Μαζί Μου” (“Dance with Me”), and the now diamond-certified “Nasa“.  His first solo album titled “Saskepticism Vol. 1” went gold, characterized by intense experimental elements mixed with classic rap references. Each of his releases seeks innovation in both visuals and sound.

Recently, he collaborated with the Onassis Foundation’s Stegi, reciting Kavafis for the celebration of the great Greek poet’s 158th birthday. A few months later, he performed live again, this time at the Nigrita correctional facility, once more on behalf of the Onassis Foundation, receiving highly flattering comments from the country’s cultural media. Additionally, he just released his second solo album “Saskepticism Vol. 2“, which broke records for first-day streams, debuting at number 9 on the Spotify Global Album Debut Charts.